Sunday, April 1, 2012

I was on a ROLL!

It seems that I had gotten my mojo working again after a lay off from sewing.  I've made a lot of things in March.  I have indulged myself with way too much fabric, but life is short and it gives me such pleasure.  So to add to the things in my previous posts here are a few more that I completed yesterday.

Yes the OCD strikes again.  The salmon print top was designed by my old friend "Serger Error".  I was trying out the wave stitch on the bottom of the shirt and within 6 inches of finishing the needle thread snapped and I caught you know what trying to get it completed.  The serger was determined not to allow me to complete it and I kept going over and the knives kept cutting thus the point is gone.  I decided to add some elastic a few inches below the waist and it ended up like this.  I liked it.  This is one of Simplicity's new patterns 
#1806.  I really like the neckline so check this one out.  The one thing I didn't like was the facings.  If I should make it again, I'll do something else with the neckline finishing details.  The fabric is a poly charmeuse and of course the pants are linen.

Speaking of linen.....Why didn't I know l00% linen pants will stretch if they are not lined.  I wore my new white ones and the green top I made a couple of weeks ago to 8:00 services today and by the time I drove 15 minutes plus 90 minutes for services and 15 minutes returning home, the pants were big enough for at least another 1/2 of me.  Sew ANNOYED!  BTW this was not cheap linen.  The idea is to keep cool in our Hot Mississippi climate with temps in the summer ranging from 80 to 105.  Since I've made several pair I guess I'll make a pant liner out of cotton batiste and see what happens.   Any suggestions?

Last night was Junior Prom for the older granddaughter.  No I didn't make the gown.  The plan was that I would make it if she didn't find anything she really liked.  I think she looked beautiful.  sigh!