Monday, February 27, 2012

OCD part deux

You can always tell when I really like something, whether it is a pair of shoes, a pattern, a type of fabric.....etc....  This means that I get started and make a second, a third, a get the idea!  On my last post I shared with you that I liked the pattern and fabrics that I had purchased recently on sale at Hancock fabric which is located just two short blocks from my house.  Welllllllllllllllllll:

I used this McCalls pattern 6288 view D for the color blocked tee.

and Burda 1234 for the fly away jacket

As you can see these photos were taken in my kitchen.  My only complaint about my home is that the lighting is not as good as I would like so I have to take shots where I can.

There was some movie I saw years ago where one of the male characters and his wife, I think, had on really funny outfits that matched and when questioned about his clothing he kept saying as he pointed to the clothing "co-ordrrrr-di-nate.  I'll have to ask my daughter what was the name of that movie.  Oh, I digress; I just loved the pattern, the thin knit fabric, how the colors seemed to go together, how comfortable and they looked nice so, I made many.  I got tired of it before I could make the gray jacket and tank.....maybe later or next year.  Who knows?

Now I'm off to see what else I can find to engage me in my pattern and fabric stash without going to Hancock's.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Semi-formal vs. Bad Weather

Here's something new for me.  A long time friend invites me every year to her sorority's annual semi-formal affair in North West Florida, about a three hour drive from Biloxi.  Since I did not attend last year, I was determined to go this year especially since I attend with her friend.  I guess you could say its my annual date.  LOL

This is what I made to wear this year:

I added some sequin trim for the knot and finally used this piece of lace that I've had for at least 15 years.  It was so beautiful I couldn't decide what to do with it and I'm so happy that I didn't get rid of it.  Its hard to see but the lace actually has the same color of jeweled plum in it.  The lighting in my house is really bad sometimes, however I've tried to give you some idea of it in the next photo.

And now for the rest of the story.

 I am such a wuss when it comes to driving.  Understand now, I've never been an expert driver but I always did what I had to do and it didn't seem like I really had a problem.  However, it seems that getting older has caused much more stress about driving in thunder storms, crossing bridges, driving through tunnels and driving at night on unfamiliar roads all of which would be required to get to my friend's house in Niceville, FL.  I drive under these conditions,  but I feel like I have taken additional months off my life expectancy when I do.  
The weatherman said that there would be rain all day with thunderstorms.  Well he was right:  It absolutely stormed as I got out on the Interstate.  I was determined to go because I didn't go last year and the gentleman had purchased my ticket.  As I was muttering under my breath about how idiotic it was to be driving in a thunderstorm to go to an affair, my phone rang and it was the gentleman that I was to go to the party with.  He said that he knew the weather was really bad and was moving in their direction, he knew how stressed I get driving in stormy weather and he would understand if I didn't come.  I was so relieved that he was nice enough to call me.  I drove about 30 minutes more and then the bottom fell out.  I pulled over and waited until that strong downpour was over, turned my car around and came back home.

I called my daughter to tell her she didn't need to pick up my boys, PJ, Toby and Petey (the dogs).  I'm so glad I came back, Petey is so afraid of bad weather.  It took me a little while to get him to calm down.  After the thunder and lightening subsided some, I decided that today would be a good day to start on my spring stuff.  In a short while I had completed this little set:

I used the pattern I copied from my Eileen Fisher tee that I got on extreme clearance last spring  (I still wonder who pays $158. for a tee). I also used this Burda pattern for the little jacket.
The fabric is the thinnest knit I have ever sewn.  You know those real expensive silky thin knits that are always more expensive than most; well this is basically the same only I got it at Hancock's special purchase bargain section for about $2. per yard.  I didn't wash it so I pray that it holds up.

Sewing this knit was not really a breeze.  It rolled an slipped a little.  Thank goodness for the serger.

Everything considered, I've had a good day and I am so grateful to be in my home dry and safe with my sewing toys and my boys.  Oh yeah, its still raining at 11:02 p.m.