Monday, February 21, 2011


Got a little side tracked the past week or so but I'm ready to go again.  One of the things I failed to mention in my introduction is I adore speciality, self-help and sewing books.  I subscribe to Threads and Vogue Patterns magazines and I enjoy just leafing through them after reading.  I never discard the magazines and I refer back to them often.

Last week I ordered "The Dressmaker's Handbook of COUTURE Sewing Techniques

 and "Carry Me"  Both books are extraordinary and I am sure I'll use them often.  The Dressmaker's Handbook is very visually appealing with exquisite current (2010) designs.  The instructions are clear and this is a purchase  that I know I will not experience buyer's remorse as I have with so many other things.

The "Carry Me" book is a book of really nice bags to create.

 I was struck by the attractive cover and right away I knew I wanted to make the bag shown on the cover.  I searched my stash and found two pre-quilted pieces and headed out to Hancock Fabrics to find a suitable lining.  I decided to look in the home dec section and out jumps a black and white piece that was almost identical to the photo.  Luckily, there was a 50% off President's Day sale because this stuff was a pricey $24.99 per yard.  I needed 5/8 of a yard so I got away with the perfect fabric at a reasonable price.

And here's my rendition:

My fabric is a jacquard woven diagionaly, so this makes it slightly different.

The lining is a medium weight twill.  The ziipper insert was a new experience, however it worked out well.  I had to re-read the instructions a few times.


  1. I love it even more~ just the right mix of colors! You should do a book review on SMT.On the Sew Much Talent Book Club. Also,you might be interested in joining the group on SMT called Purse and Pocketbooks. :)
    What a way to get was worth it,lol!

  2. I love your new bag, those fabrics are beautiful and together they make a really striking combination!

  3. It was rather quick to make and I enjoyed working on it. Thanks for commenting.