Friday, January 20, 2012

And then my OCD set in........

Somewhere in one of my posts last year I made a vow to find a dress pattern that fit this rather mature body.  You see friends, I've been wearing separates for years with very, very few dresses, mainly because I'm hard to fit.  I purchased this pattern when it first came out but didn't try it until now.  This is truly a good style for me.

I can wear it under many style jackets and sweaters.  It looks really nice with the jacket open and is an absolute snap to make in a very short time.  And then my OCD took over and I've made four so far.


  1. I get the whole "ocd takeover-ness" with this pattern. I made one in red, another in khaki. I love mine worn belted.

  2. I love getting a really good look with so little time to complete it. Thanks for reading.

  3. I also have this pattern in my stash. I see on PatternReview that many of the ladies have made very nice dresses from V1250. I plan to make my version in the near future. I like your color choices.