Sunday, May 6, 2012

For The Love of Gingher

How many pairs of scissors, snips, embroidery scissors, applique, pinking or dressmaker shears does one really need?  My love affair with scissors began over 40 years ago when I purchased my first pair of Gingher 8" shears.  I could hardly believe how smooth and fine they cut.  Within that year I was caught up in the telephone company's  (Bell South) divesture and chose to take severance instead of relocating to another city or commuting hundreds of miles a week.  Shortly thereafter, I lost my shears and assumed I had put them in the trash somehow.  By the time my husband came home, I was in tears.  He asked what was wrong and I blubbered that I had lost my best shears and he said well just buy another pair.  Then I had to confess to the husband that they cost $25 40 years ago and since I wasn't working I was upset to loose them.  He hugged me and said, just go buy another pair and stop the crying.  The next day I went right out and purchased another pair just like the ones I lost.  You guessed it, within days of the new purchase I found the misplaced scissors deep in the sofa cushions.  So now I had two pair of the beautiful shiny silver shears. When times were better I found myself purchasing yet another pair of Ginghers as they were on sale.  This has gone on for years, so now I have at lease 10 pairs.  Over the years, I've had them sharpened locally but they were never as good as when they were new.  To be honest they were hacked by some of the most untalented service people ever.  I always knew Gingher serviced their scissors but the idea of packing them up, mailing and insuring them just didn't seem like something I wanted to do.  So I just kept buying.

A few weeks ago I picked up several pair to use and had to put them away because they were dull, loose or in one case just would not cut. I decided to bite the bullet and send them to Gingher for reconditioning.  I mailed and insured five pair and enclosed a check for $37.50 ($7.50 each) and crossed my fingers. Two weeks later I found a heavy postal box in my mail box.  It was like Christmas each pair was enclosed in its own little plastic bag and they were JUST LIKE NEW no BETTER THAN NEW all shiny and no scratches. I m sooooooooooooo pleased.  They cut through the fabric like "butta".

Unfortunately, they only recondition Ginghers.  So if you have a pair or pairs it is soooooo worth it to send it to them for reconditioning.  I think I can stop buying them now.  Yes, I have three pair or the designer ones, red, leopard and purple.  lol

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