Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fitting....Still a Struggle

Sometime in 2011 in this blog, I vowed to create a set of patterns or slopers that would fit me perfectly.  I am pleased to report that I have made some progress.  I purchased more books, videos, went to workshops with experts and practiced.  Well, sorry to say that I have not mastered the process.  You see, I'm lazy and always in a hurry to see the finished product that I tend not to want to make a muslin for everything.  Of course when I don't make the muslin, the fit is less perfect.  So as of today, my new pledge to myself and readers is that I will now add a 1" seam allowance to all seams that require some fit even after fitting adjustments.  I'm finding that I need to do this for the granddaughters as well.

I now understand what Cynthia Guffey ment when in her workshop on fit she told us that many women stopped sewing garments when they got older and their figures changed; they started making quilts and purses.  Yes I do understand, however I'm still determined to find a way to have less sewing drama and stress around the fit of garments.

Went a little crazy tonight and ordered $125. of fabric from the Fabric Mart's year end sale.  Some for as little as $1. p/yd.  Will let you know if I am pleased with my purchase.  Guess I'm a little tired of Hancock Fabric, since it is the only game in town.


  1. I clearly understand your dilema, although buying fabrics always nurture my sewing soul. Keep at it, and yes our bodies does change and it means that its harder to get the right fit and we require so many alterations. Don't give up keep trying and yes muslins are critical to working out our fitting issues

  2. I agree with Alethia, hang in there! We all are trying to figure out the best fit for our bodies. I have to tell you, I feel it's so worth it...whenever I make that one garment that fits beautifully and is the exact fabric and style I wanted, it makes me want to continue the struggle! That's a true talent we have that others wish they had! Hang in there!

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