Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yet Another BAG

I really enjoyed making this one.  This is the first pattern I've tried by this designer.

This is the Scottsdale Satchel from Purse Strings.  I've had it quiet  while.  I probably ordered it from Henrietta Bags.  All of the instructions were very clear.  Yet, I struggled mightily with the grommets simply because in my infinite wisdom gained by sewing for many, many years I decided to do something different.  I just didn't want to get my fat self down on the floor of the garage to hammer grommets as instructed by the designer who clearly stated that through trial and error she found that doing it on a cement floor was the best way to attach grommets.  I tried and tried and just couldn't figure out why I couldn't attach the grommets on my butcher block island in the kitchen.   So just as I was about to cry and curse, I decided to just go into the garage and get down on the floor and hammer the things in place.  It worked right away and I could have just kicked myself.  Oh well we live and learn; don't we.

I picked up this fabric Friday when I went on a Senior Citizen's day trip to the Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival in Fairhope, AL. (2.5 hrs away).  I'm a new senior and really felt that I was just too young for this crowd. (lol)  We traveled on a nice chartered bus and I didn't have to stress myself with driving.  Although I did get a little anxious when I noticed the driver was turning his head away from the road when talking to the lady in the seat across from him.  So I just turned it over to the Lord and put on my headphones and closed my eyes.  And besides I was tired of listining to the conversations around me about who died, what kind of meds they're taking and what's hurting.  I guess I talk about the same things; just not on a trip.  

So here it is.  I'm very pleased with this project,

I purchased the fabric from a cute little Interior Decorator's shop,  It is some sort of blend and the design is woven to make the frogs look wrinkled.  Yes, those are frogs with orange spots.  When I first looked at the fabric I saw stars or trees.  Oh well, I'm old whats your excuse?  I made the grave mistake of telling my daughter and grandaughters and they just went on and on about how on earth could I see stars in this design.  The can really get on my last nerve sometimes.  LOL

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