Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elegant Travel Duffle

Don't you just love the internet!  You can just brouse and browse until you happen upon something you've just got to have; and the internet is so accommodating that you can order in real time......and if its a PDF pattern or other data, you can have it in minutes or just a few days for regular stuff.

Browsing last week I found this cute duffle bag pattern.  Not that I travel a lot; I'm just bored with the same pieces of luggage I've had since 2000.  Thought I would try my hand at this one:

A Travel Duffle

Travel Duffle PDF Sewing Pattern
Travel Duffle PDF Sewing PatternTravel Duffle PDF Sewing PatternTravel Duffle PDF Sewing PatternTravel Duffle PDF Sewing PatternTravel Duffle PDF Sewing Pattern

This pattern from an independent pattern maker was purchased on the Etsy site and is "A Travel Duffle By Studio Cherie'

My version is as follows:

The instructions were very easy to follow especially since, with the exception of one beginner quilting class, I only sew with paper patterns.  I took my time and made sure I understood the instructions and it worked out well; don't you think?  The instructions call for quilting the body of the bag.  I chose not to because of the weight of this wonderful piece of upholstery fabric.  I used 60" felt and quilter's spray to add body.  The instructions do not recommend lining the bag, but my OCD (lol) insisted that I line it.  I also added pockets to the lining as well.

My plan was to use it as a really upscale health club bag, but upon completion it may be a bit too large (20" x 12"), however it is perfect for a weekend trip.

I almost omitted the pull rings (shown in middle picture) and I'm glad I didn't.  They help in zipping up the bag (I used double slider zippers) and the puills would be perfect if you wanted to add a shoulder strap.  I was really annoyed because I could not find dark brown double slider zippers anywhere not even online.  Consequently, I used black.  The side pockets have pleats and a zipper and should prove to be very useful.  See picture below:

And finally the straps.  The Jute Webbing adds strength as well as a great design detail to the straps.


  1. Great job! It looks very pretty but also very useful - you'll be able to carry a lot in that! I love the flowery print.

  2. Thanks Eugenia. I like it so well that I'm considering making a dress bag and tote from the same fabric if the store still has the fabric tommorow. Thanks ror reading and commenting.

  3. The fabric is gorgeous. The print reminds me of vintage barkcloth. It is a perfect weekender bag, so glad you like it. By the way, I put out my gym bag pattern (fully lined) just yesterday.

  4. This is a really nice bag! I can't wait to see ur garment bag and tote!!

  5. Beautiful, just lovely!! I didn't expect nothing less!! Girl, I brought a sewing machine and I can't even thread a bobin (is that how you spell it?) I really need to take a sewing class!!

  6. Run and take a lesson. There are also lessons on line and DVD. THANKS for your comment. bobbin (lol)