Friday, April 8, 2011

Completing The Set

I liked the duffel bag so well I decided to make a matching dress bag and tote.  I don't know if I'll get around to the tote as I get bored rather quickly past two items in the same fabric,  I should have remembered this when I was sewing bridesmaid's dresses and cotillion dresses.  I completed the dress bag using an old probably discontinued pattern.  My one regret in this project is that I should have made the suit bag instead of the dress bag as I am only 5'1".

This is the pattern; the envelope had 1992 on the back.

As you can see there are a lot of items in this pattern.  Don't think we get this many now.  The pattern was very easy to put together.  It called for a 53" zipper which I couldn't find so I used the 45" upholstery one from Hancock.  I used my statch fabric for the contrasting piping.

Additionally, the pattern uses ribbons to hold the folded bag.

Pictured are front and rear folded views.  And now the Ta Daaaaah! photo for the set:

With two new travel bags I now have a reason to plan a trip so that I can use my new stuff.   Now, on to the next project which is going to be a Spring Piano recital/Easter dress for granddaughter, Trinity Grace.


  1. You're 5'1? I thought you were a good 4'8" wearing your good heels. These pieces of luggage looks Exquisite. Your attention to detail has only your special creative flair. Now, lets find some matching hat boxes and we're off to some Island getaway. YAHOO!

  2. Oh! I forgot to mention that the dress bag because of the length and the type of fabric is quite heavy. Although my OCD cried out for a lining, I didn't do it because it would have added more weight especially if you must carry your own bags. You can never find a sky cap when you need one.

  3. It never occurred to me that luggage could be sown....