Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have been the worst kind of procrastinator there is.  I have all these plans for sewing going on in my mind and I'll put off one for another, then there's some crisis and I can't do it; I find something more interesting, I find a new piece of fabric or notion..........

Remember my goal to fit myself properly and develop a set of standard patterns just for me?  Wellllllll, I got a little side tracked after getting Gloria (the dress form)  I even took that pattern design and fitting class offered at Hancock Fabrics......purchased everything.  But, I had to finish the fabric luggage set.  So, I finally got back to sewing something that fit rather that something flowy draping around my body; and after several tries I got a blouse done from Burda 7518.  Cute but the instructions were a bit different as this was my first try with Burda.  I finished it with several tweaks.  Still not happy with it.  Cut out another and what happens?  While doing a quick alteration for my daughter my Elna serger,  that I ranted about a couple of months ago, went out again.  I spent over an hour threading, re-threading and threading again.  Finally gave up and took it to a local shop to see if they could repair it,.  In great despair I went to Wall Mart and purchased the little $180. Singer as a backup, with the understanding that if I hate it, I have 90 days to return it for a refund.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the latest old lady thing I've done,  While trying to figure out what happened to the serger, in a panic I reached for the canned air in a light blue can sitting between the quilt stick-um spray and the spray starch all in light blue spray cans.  I actually sprayed the inside of the door and  mechanical parts of the serger with the quilting spray.  I almost lost my rabid mind.  I looked for the brush couldn't find it...jumped in the car and drove like a maniac to Hancock to get a brush.  With some effort I got a lot of the stuff out and then I decided to put some fingernail polish remover on a q-tip to remove what ever sticky stuff was left.  This seemed to have worked.......However, the clacking sound coming from the serger indicated that something more serious was wrong with the thing!

So I'm doing all the housework tonight so that I can have Sat and Sunday to come up with a few things to take to New Orleans with my friends on Monday and returning Wednesday.

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