Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Busy Saturday

Ever had one of those days where you are busy, busy and at the end of that day you feel that you really have not accomplished anything.  That was my Saturday.  After my appointment this morning, I called the granddaughters to see if they wanted to go to lunch with their Grandy.  Oh yes.  We went to a restaurant in the "hood" because I wanted catfish.  Well low and behold the establishment was now under Asian management.  The food was ok but I was just a little annoyed that the ownership didn't reflect the residents of the area.  Also, they had an up-charge because I used my debit card.  More annoyance!  The girls were annoyed because I was annoyed.  Hard to explain why.  Bree went on to tell me that the hair salon and the nail shop did the same thing.  Didn't realize this was a new trend.  I guess I knew the customer ended up paying but it was included in the price.  I think I would feel better if it were included in the price.  What do ya'll think?

One of Bree's friends, after discovering that I sewed asked me to make her one of those "black and white" coats.  So I said I didn't understand what a black and white coat was other than maybe a color blocked, plaid or zebra print.  "No" she replied but it makes your eyes feel funny if you look at it too long and the print runs diagonal.  So I googled it and found that it was a large "houndstooth" check.  I told her that I would make it for her at no charge but she would need to purchase the fabric.   Good, another excuse to go to the only fabric shop in town, Hancock Fabrics.  Upon entering the store I spotted a very tall woman with the jacket made out of the very same black and white houndstooth print.  As I got closer, I noticed that it was a short hair faux fur and was beautifully made.  Let me just say that sewing people can ask each other anything about whether they made what they have on or not and no one is ever offended.  Soooooo... I walked right up to her and asked and she pointed to the area where she got it.  As we talked I discovered that she had a really deep voice and big hands and the biggest high heeled shoes that I had ever seen.  Upon a closer look I determined that she was or had been a man.  Oh well she was quite attractive.  Said she was a designer from New Orleans and gave me her card.  I looked around and didn't see any black and white hounds tooth of any kind.  I asked my favorite sales lady and she said that there had been some but apparently it was all gone.  Of course I couldn't leave the store empty handed so I discovered on the value plus table (special purchase bargain fabrics) several pieces of knit fabric that would be ideal for tops etc. and because of the MLK 5 day holiday sale it was 50% off the already cheap (I mean bargain) price. At the cutting table I spied a bolt of giant black and white houndstooth outerwear fabric. Bingo! The sales lady at the cutting table explained that it was on hold for one of the employees. The assistant manager overheard the conversation and said it had been on hold far too long and to sell it if I wanted it. It was just enough to make a jacket. So I purchased it knowing that it probably would not be there the next day, and I used my 40% off coupon to boot! So I left feeling perfectly justified in my obsessive fabric purchasing behavior once again because I got everything (8 pieces 3 yds each) for $62; never mind that I have enough fabric in my stash to make everyone in Biloxi at least one garment. This was just enough to fill in the extra spaces in my newly reorganized (because its the 1st of the year) sewing room. I'll post a pic of the room later.

Later the same day Bree's friend called and said that her stepmother said she didn't need it, so forget about it. Bree agreed to let me make if for her. She's so *#!@ picky about what she wears I was very surprised but excited about making it.

So far I've cut out everything; houndstooth, lining and interfacing. Tonight I start the process of putting it all together.

Show and tell next time!



  1. oh that cracked me up - you have enough fabric for everyone in Biloxi???

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