Friday, January 21, 2011

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello Out There!

I'm Grandy; short for Grand Diva.  The name was given to me by my dear friend Stanley when I was trying to decide what my grandchildren would call me.  First he said Diva and I said that was too Grand.  Naturally he put the two words together and came up with Grand Diva and Grandy for short.  It stuck and my grandchildren call me Grandy.  For some strange reason my daughter, Danielle calls me Grandy as well.

I also have three (yes three) little dogs:  PJ, a cream Toy Poodle 5 yrs old, Toby 4 a red toy poodle and Petey  3 a black and white Havanese.  I refer to them as my boys or the boys as well as by name.  As there is dog drama in my home on a daily basis I'm sure they will also be included in my blog along with grand daughter news and my favorite creative outlet.

I love sewing as a creative outlet.  (Code for Fabricaholic).  I love beautiful fabric and I have collected it for years.  I've tried to get rid of it several times but to no avail.  I can always find a reason to keep it because I know just what I'll use it for and of course how much it set me back per yard.

So come along on this journey with me and perhaps you'll find my blog informative and interesting and get a laugh along the way.  Hope to hear from all of you.

I've attached a few photos.

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