Thursday, March 29, 2012

Colors....I Do Wear Colors!

About a year after a long absence from the health club (nice word for gym) I returned and met a lovely woman of a certain age (lol) in the water aerobics class.  She was originally from Los Angeles and had been living in Mississippi for the past five years.  We hit it off and became friends.  After knowing her for a few months one day she said to me in the dressing room, "Lillie, why is everything you wear such DARK colors?  You know I'm from California and we wear bright colors".  I was a little offended and replied, "What are you talking about I do wear colors, my gym clothes may be dark but I wear color most of the time".  A few days later as I went into my closet which is walk in and L shaped, my eyes scanned the closet and much to my horror the color scheme was black, navy, dark brown, gray, dark gray, more black with just a few pops of color.  I couldn't believe that somehow my wardrobe had turned dark.  I began to try to figure out how this happened.  The last five years of my employment I worked from home and work related travel, consequently, I had the usual business uniform dark suits and dresses with small splashes of color.  Additionally, when my hair turned silvery white, the dark colors and silver jewelry really made the silver hair pop.  So I figured I might as well use the lemon-aid theory and make the best of it.  So what about casual wear I thought.  Apparently the same thing applied.

I took the high road and related the story to my friend and apologized for being miffed by her on target observation.  We had a good laugh and I promised I would do better with my wardrobe.

So I am making a real effort this spring to only make colorful garments for myself.  I've made a good start and most of my recent purchases have been colorful turquoise, melon, and fushia.   I want to make more large prints even if I am not a thin person.  I'll just pretend that I just don't know that big bold prints are not good for my full mature figure. lol.  I will also make something i.e. shrugs, jackets, scarves in coordinating solid colors to go with the large, bright and bold prints.  lol

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