Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Sewing

We have had the warmest winter I can remember.  This week the temp went up to 78 degrees.  This warm pre-spring caused me to consider sewing in advance for a season probably for the first time ever in all my years of sewing.  After looking at my most current patterns, I decided to make this one because I had exactly the same fabric in my fabric stash and thought it would be fun to make it just as shown on the pattern envelope.

I used a medium weight green linen and lined it with a light weight green linen very close to the same color...maybe just a half shade difference.  I've had the fabric so long that I felt no guilt in using the relatively expensive handkerchief linen as lining.  Normally I would have thought "Not my good stuff for lining".  Additionally, I had a heavier weight white linen for the pants.  I really enjoyed making this one.  I'm glad I took time to think about this before I rushed in to do it.  I carefully took my measurements and compared them to the finished measurements by actually measuring seamline to seamline and factoring in comfort ease.  Since I spent all of my sewing time this winter on various knit projects, I was sure I needed to consider using this new pattern for the pants.  This rapidly changing figure is becoming a real challenge.  However, taking the time to measure and prepare muslins for new patterns is really worth the effort.  This was a hard lesson for me to learn as I was always, always in a hurry before I retired and discovered slow leisurely sewing and the success and satisfaction it brings.  I even marked "for woven fabric only" on the muslin, so not to get it confused with others. Well here is the finished product:
 This pattern actually called for snaps instead of buttons.  I thought I might want to wear it open someday and I hate they way metal snaps detract from the looks of clothing when open; sooooooo... my OCD (that I often discuss these days) set in and I remembered that I had some green spray paint left from my sewing room decorating foray last year so I just spray painted them.  It took about 2 seconds.  I don't believe I would have gone out to purchase spray paint if I didn't already have it.  I suppose I could have covered them with fabric but I really don't like tedious hand sewing if i just don't have to do it.  I'll probably never wear it open but I'll be ready if the opportunity presents itself.  lol
Since this was a very successful project, you know I'll more than likely do it a couple of more times, or until I mess it up.  That usually gets me to go on to another project.

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