Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I went into Hancock Fabrics today just to browse as I live just around the corner from the store.  What luck, they were making remnants of bolts with only a few yards left to make room for a new shipment.  The remnants were priced at only $2 per yard and it was the really good stuff my favorite linen, batiks and a few sheers.  The original prices were $10-$20 per yard.  I ended up with 28 yards at $2. per yd.  Here is a picture of my good fortune.

I guess I should stop browsing at fabric shops, but this is the best part of sewing. lol  Just as I was starting to whittle down my stash this happens.  I think it was just about a year ago when I pigged out on fabric at the Atlanta Creative Sewing Festival.  Somewhere in this blog I have a photo of that spree as well.

Today I worked on the OCD Fushia top like the green one I made Saturday.  I should finish tomorrow and will probably put photos up late tomorrow.

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  1. That was a great deal! I'm trying to refrain from buying fabric until I get the rest of what I have out of the way...we'll see how well that goes. :)